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Project Manager
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Vinnie Tran’s Construction Company did a spectacular job remodeling two of our bathroom. I really had few ideas on how to work with the space we had, get rid of the 60’s feel and have an ‘hotel’ quality bathroom. Vinnie did a wonderful job guiding us to all the right materials, helped with design, had way more imagination than me on what could be done and produced gorgeous bathrooms. His workmen were always on time and polite and cleaned up afterward. Vinnie has more patience than anyone I know, never lost his temper, even when companies send the wrong product three times! I love our bathrooms and now I am one of those corny women who says “I love my contractor”.


Thanks Vinnie!

Dorian Dreyfuss

My wife and I first used the services of VT Construction in 2009 when we purchased a home that was in need of significant repair. The home was approximately 60 years old and had been vacant for some time. We subsequently learned about VT Construction from a friend who had used and highly recommended VT’s services. After obtaining multiple quotes, it was absolutely obvious that VT Construction would provide the greatest value for the amount of money that we could afford to pay.

It would be an understatement to that we were very pleased with the service of VT Construction. The owner, Vinnie, personally spent weekday evenings and weekends with us as we struggled to locate and select coordinated fixtures, tiling, paint, hardwood flooring, etc. Vinnie went far beyond the work he was contracted to perform to insure that we would be happy with the results. Additionally, the work progressed more quickly than we had planned. Vinnie was very accommodating of our desire to wrap-up the job as soon as possible.

As we worked with VT, we were especially pleased to recognize that we could fully trust Vinnie and his team. We did not need to be continually present in order to supervise his work nor were we ever surprised by “hidden costs” which we had heard about with other contractors. When the job was finished, we were absolutely ecstatic with the finished product.

In 2012, when we decided to sell our rental property, we informed Vinnie that the kitchen and bathrooms required complete re-modeling and that the exterior of the house needed substantial dry-rot repair. We also told Vinnie that we were under a time limit of just two weeks to complete all the work. Despite all this, Vinnie agreed to take on our job and completed it in just a week and a half – at a cost that was below that of other quotes. As before, Vinnie spent evenings and weekends working with us to select appropriate materials. He spent hours with us at material supply stores assisting the selection of materials and negotiating the lowest prices on our behalf. When the house was finished, we were once again thrilled to see the quality of the work that had been accomplished in such a short period of time and at a reasonable price. After our home closed sale, we even received both compliments from real estate agents on the beauty of our home as well as requests for Vinnie’s contact information. We simply cannot recommend Vinnie highly enough. It is a pleasure to be able to entrust important jobs such as these to a person who is so honest, dependable, and fair.

Michael Oberhart

Minneapolis, MN

Taking an ownership position and being a perfectionist stood out during our house remodel last year with VT Construction Inc. Vinnie took the job like his own from the start. He provided valuable suggestions during the planning phase and accommodated our constant changes during the construction. He was with us at the Cupertino planning office to get the plan changes and even went with us on all shopping trips to get valuable discounts from the supply stores. Vinnie’s meticulous attention to details showed his love for the job. He made sure that the subcontractors’ work are well done and called them back for correct work months after finishing project. We have been living in our new remodeled house for six months already and still marvel at every detail of the new construction and appreciate Vinnie’s work very much.”

Dr. Dan Le

Oakland, CA

Vinnie was referred to us by a friend whose home he has improved twice. The attention to detail, budget, and rapport with Vinnie stood out — and was true in my own remodel. We gutted the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, fireplace, flooring, and repainted with low VOC paint. My family, including 2 kids under 6 years old, stayed in the home upstairs during the 6 weeks it took.

Vinnie and his crew were very flexible in keeping the home livable despite the construction. I really appreciated that Vinnie took the time to explain what he and his crew were doing — he does not cut corners even when it would be easier or cheaper to do so. My family plans to stay in this home for a long time, so I wanted it done right. Not only did Vinnie take care of all the big things, but he fixed lots of little things we didn’t even ask for but appreciated — a sagging wall, a stuck door, new smoke alarms and CO detector, LED lights, new door hardware.

All in all, it felt like a totally brand new home. We trust Vinnie and recommend him at every opportunity!”

Gina Han

Minneapolis, MN

Working with Vinnie Tran on an almost daily basis in the creation of this home was an incredibly gratifying experience .Vinnie has the rare ability to mesh his years of experience thru a calm confident manor that fosters an exceptional attention to detail. Vinnie strives to give a fair and honest budget and timeframe and delivers on his promise. My favorite attribute of Vinnie is that he is not afraid to say no . In this day and age when too many contractors promise the moon, knowing full well that it cannot be delivered and that once you are under contract insist on expensive change orders to fix something that should have been addressed from the get go. Vinnie ‘s own personal ethics will lead him to risk the wrath and disappointment of the potential client to tell them the truth. Vinnie does not just stop at saying no, he will offer an alternative on how to problem solve the issue at hand. Vinnie does not cut corners or try to hide anything from inspectors. In all his dealings thru-out the building process Vinnie’s positive respectful attitude leads his reliable team. Wether it is a small remodel or the large-scale building of your dream home, Vinnie Tran is simply the best contractor I could possible recommend.

Lisa Murray

Denver, CO

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